De Maria Industrie Srl is a company with extensive experience in the molding of thermoplastics. The company was founded in 2008, now in its third generation, the first hanger was born in 1977 and after almost 40 years we are a leader in the industry. In an increasingly demanding and competitive the main objective of our company is customer satisfaction, understood as the customer satisfaction in the final product. We seek to offer more innovative products and quality, in fact, the concept of quality, understood as the final product quality, is a constant thought in the production of every item we offer. The continuous application of technological innovation and continuous study by our technicians allow us to maintain the highest levels of market the products we offer, thanks to a strict selection of raw materials and precise control of all stages of the process production of the final product. De Maria Industrie Srl is a company able to offer their products in Italy and Europe optimizing delivery times and shipping, thanks to the effective and efficient point of sale in Tuscany, exactly in Prato site. One of our strengths is definitely the speed at which deliveries are made in Italy and shipments abroad, thanks to the great resources of goods in stock, speeding and satisfying all the needs of the customer. De Maria Industries Ltd is a growing company with many interests and, thanks to the main activities consist of the “Section Coat” and “Mechanics Section.”
Currently our work is based mainly on the production of plastic, which are our strength and the key to our continuing evolution. Our long experience, constant attention to the evolution of new technologies and the special attention paid to the quality of the final product allows us to offer our customers products that go beyond the standard usually offered with an excellent quality / price ratio.
With a variety of models, colors and customization of various types, such as the direct application of slip or velvet (partial or complete), possibility of custom logo in two colors and other solutions, our variety of clothes is among the most differentiated and complete as possible. “Section Mechanics” is an area of Maria De Industrie Srl still developing although with considerable knowledge and great creativity we are able to handle the repair of molds for hangers compared to our needs and just in case.